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Canada Food Guide update isn’t bringing home the bacon

By Treena Hein  Canada’s new food guide raised the eyebrows of the meat and livestock sector across the country. Unless you were on another planet for the past year, you couldn’t have missed the fact that many headlines in 2018 and early 2019 focussed on the impending update and subsequent release of the new Canada Food Guide. The revision was completed by a multidisciplinary team at Health Canada that included researchers, policy experts, registered dietitians and communications specialists, but both the process and the new content have frustrated Canadian livestock commodity groups. 

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Your Daily Bacon Spring 2019

By Buddy Simmons Hello there again, bacon connoisseurs! We're back with another edition of Your Daily Bacon. We are...

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No Joy in Hog Town

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Greta’s Grubs

By Greta Rose Hanley Fruit? For supper?  Pineapple Kiwi Pork Loins Pork is one of those versatile meats that you can do just about anything with. As an incorrigible kitchen experimenter, this makes me happy. Sweet and savory both work in beautiful harmony with the full-bodied flavor of pork. While I often serve pork chops or cutlets with a sweet side dish, I generally don't add fruit directly to the pork recipe, so this dish was a bit of a departure for me. Not only did I dare to add fruit, I added two types of fruit. Since I was feeling brave, for one of the two, I even...

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Coûts d’alimentation élevés : à la recherche d’un répit

Rédaction: Geoff Geddes pour Swine Innovation Porc   |  Traduction : Élise Gauthier Les producteurs parlent des coûts d’alimentation comme la plupart...

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