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Looking at the promises and potential impact of Premier Doug Ford’s reign

Support from the new Ontario government for the pork industry and other ag sectors  By Treena Hein All Ontario premiers are always sure to attend the ‘International Plowing Match and Rural Expo’ held each year in the province. After all, it’s a very high-exposure opportunity to be associated with farming.  This September however, during their visit to the event, both Premier Doug Ford and new Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) Ernie Hardeman met with representatives from various ag groups at a roundtable, discussing...

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Always follow your dreams. Could there be a more versatile meat? This is...

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Export Value for Canada Export values are a hot topic lately. That is in part due to the fact that producers think Canadian packers are getting more in the market than normal. That in turn is due to the fact that U.S. packers are in the middle of a trade dispute with Mexico and China. Producers believe Canadian packers are able to attain higher prices as a result. That is proving to be true, at least with Mexico, for now – but what about overall? Does Canadian pork get a premium in export markets because it is Canadian?   Over the course of 2017, Canadian pork exports of 1.1 billion kilograms on a payweight basis amounted to...

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Coûts d’alimentation élevés : à la recherche d’un répit

Rédaction: Geoff Geddes pour Swine Innovation Porc   |  Traduction : Élise Gauthier Les producteurs parlent des coûts d’alimentation comme la plupart...

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New trade deal may bring relief
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