Summer 2022 – Editorial

The Summer 2022 edition of the Canadian Hog Journal is here!

Last month, I attended Alberta Pork Congress in Red Deer. It was a blast seeing so many people from across the western Canadian industry back in-person. As we head into the remainder of the year, I am itching to get out to other parts of Alberta and Canada to learn more about where our sector is headed.

Much has been published so far in this magazine about rising feed costs, but what about fertilizer? Your fields can benefit from manure applied with some simple strategies in mind and the right support. Alberta Pork’s Bijon Brown spoke with an agronomist to learn more.

Small-scale producers are an under-served demographic in the hog industry. While these farms represent only a fraction of all hogs on-farm, these producers matter. Find out how they are being increasingly engaged to promote awareness and understanding of key issues that affect the industry.

Antimicrobial use is a hot topic. Both within and outside of agriculture, experts worldwide are becoming concerned that farmers are causing antimicrobial resistance, which has implications for animal and human health. For the past half-decade, Alberta Pork and Precision Veterinary Services have been benchmarking usage in the province, and the results are in!

A novel study by Prairie Swine Centre is providing insight into the welfare of weaners in transport. Like antimicrobial use, animal handling subjects are being met with closer public scrutiny, over time. Veterinarian Lexie Reed provides her report.

The Canadian Meat Council (CMC) is celebrating its centennial! Representing the red meat processing sector, CMC advocates for improved domestic and global access to Canadian product. Just as packers need producers, the entire value chain needs consumers, and buyer confidence is a big part of that.

Growing up in Edmonton, ‘Mundare Sausage’ was practically a household name. With Ukrainian-Canadian roots, the Stawnichy family has been producing deli products in Alberta for six decades. As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues unabated, I wanted to celebrate this respected business, which, to me, embodies the resilient Ukrainian spirit within a Canadian context, and it further demonstrates how the hog industry has a much bigger impact than you might expect.

My older daughter (and first child) just turned four-years-old. She was born mere days after I started working with Alberta Pork, in 2018, so her birthday will forever be a reminder of that work anniversary for me. The photo on this page was taken during her party in our backyard, in suburban Edmonton. Like her dad, she’s a big fan of tacos. Pulled pork ‘carnitas’ were served for the crowd, of course!

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