The Fall 2022 edition of the Canadian Hog Journal is here!

It’s no secret that the way our industry is viewed has changed over the years. Consumers today expect more, which seldom translates into a profitable situation for producers. Product claims don’t always reflect quality, safety or taste, but they can speak to consumers’ values. An outlier, in this case, is Quebec-based duBreton, which has been successfully producing and processing organic, certified-humane, antibiotic-free pork for years. While that won’t work for everyone, I encourage you to learn more about what they do and why keeping an open mind might make sense.

The University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM) Diagnostic Services Unit (DSU) lab is a real asset for the industry when it comes to keeping livestock disease in-check. And for Alberta hog producers, reduced pricing for performing tests make it a responsible, affordable choice. Find out how you can work with your herd vet to take advantage of it.

Early this past summer, I received a seemingly random email from an Australian government official who was looking to learn about Canadian livestock traceability and biosecurity. We ended up meeting in-person two months later for a fruitful and interesting discussion – the outcomes of which I have shared in this edition.

Also on the trans-Pacific front, Canada Pork embarked on a trade mission to Asia recently, with several stops. These delegations are important relationship-builders that put our industry’s hard work (ultimately, the pork) on display for the people who are eager to buy it.

On the research side, find out how feeding dietary lysine can help sows produce more milk, and learn about a potentially intriguing discovery when it comes to combatting PRRS.

Just a few days after this edition was ready for publication, my wife and I welcomed our third child and first son. The childbirth experience remains exciting (and tiring, especially for the person giving birth) but deeply rewarding. I continue to be grateful for everything that I have, including my career and the ability to use my skills to serve this industry, which is built upon its exceptional people.

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