Friday, May 27, 2022

Banff Pork Seminar hits half-century mark

There may be two Banffs, but there is only one Banff Pork Seminar. Here is to the last 50 years of excellence and many more to come!

Leaner diets can save money, preserve growth

Feed cost is very high now for many Canadian hog producers. But by reducing feed energy to increase feed intake, among other strategies, farmers can save money.

Volatile Market

Pork Commentary, March 7th 2022Jim Long, President-CEO, Genesus Inc. Markets were rocked by Geopolitical...

Illinois Pork Expo Report 

Last week we attended the Illinois Pork Expo held in Springfield, Illinois. Our observations. Illinois is the third-largest U.S....

Vaccines show promise for pigs and producers

For preventing antimicrobial resistance and supporting public health, vaccines are likely the future for the Canadian hog industry and the world. Saving lives and money is the goal.

Disease, inflation, climate issues could define 2022

Human and animal disease, inflation and eco-consciousness all have a role to play when it comes to hog market trends in 2022. What are the key challenges and opportunities facing producers?

Banff 2022 – Editorial

The Banff 2022 edition of the Canadian Hog Journal is here!

U.S. Lean Hog Price – Up, Up, Up

Pork Commentary, February 21st, 2022Jim Long, President-CEO, Genesus Inc. The reality of the market...

Helping piglets survive and thrive

Intra-uterine growth-restricted piglets are more often found in large litters. These piglets have low birthweights and struggle to use colostrum, but nutritional strategies can help.

U.S. Hog Market Races Higher

Pork Commentary, February 14th, 2022Jim Long, President-CEO, Genesus Inc. Go figure, less hogs leads...