Fall 2023 – Editorial

The Fall 2023 edition of the Canadian Hog Journal is here!

From talking to people at industry events, I’ve heard a lot of rumblings about the need for better pork promotion in Canada. It’s a tricky subject. Consumer marketing, done right, is usually expensive. But without the right underlying strategies, it could be wasteful. Still, when it works, its pros vastly outweigh the cons. I delve into what’s behind Canadian pork promotion today, where it could be headed and why it matters.

Emergency preparedness is frustrating yet fundamental. There are plenty of reasons why, but looking across the world, war and disease issues in Ukraine have amounted to an extreme crisis for many Ukrainian hog farmers. What can Canadian producers learn from the situation?

With Seneca Valley Virus (SVV) popping up at Canadian assembly yards last year, there has been growing concern around what further discoveries could mean for the movement of pigs to the U.S. The Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network (CWSHIN) stepped up surveillance this year in the hopes of catching any new cases before shipments head south.

Encountering an on-farm disease challenge would catch any producer off-guard and could create a significant operational disruption. Veterinarian Cordell Young and producer Steven Waldner from Alberta share their experience battling H1N2 and how good relationships make all the difference.

With ‘net zero’ climate targets all the rage around the world, agriculture, too, is impacted. But for all of the noble intentions to address greenhouse gas emissions, the tip of the iceberg conceals much larger obstacles for farmers. The Canadian Pork Council’s (CPC) Katerina Kolemishevska offers perspective on why Canada’s climate goals are missing the mark for the pork industry.

A new, ongoing series of videos showcases the many people across the agriculture value chain that make it all possible, with their stories presented in an enjoyable broadcast news format. Ontario Pork’s Tyler Calver provides details. 

Swine Innovation Porc research featured in this edition includes project overviews related to using probiotics to combat diarrhea and an ongoing truck washing project that is improving transport biosecurity across the board.

And, finally, from Cargill, learn about the connection between larger piglet litters and lower birth weights, and how to avoid losing money in pursuit of greater efficiency.

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