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Ontario Pork’s new YouTube channel, Ontario Pork News, is sharing stories from across the Ontario agriculture value chain.

Among the many things that COVID-19 taught us, we learned just how essential our food supply chain is. More importantly, we learned just how vital the people are who work to keep that supply chain moving.

It’s for this reason that Ontario Pork has launched its very own online news platform, to tell the stories of these unsung heroes. From farmers to butchers, chefs to restaurant owners, truckers to veterinarians, nutritionists to processors, Ontario Pork News is creating a channel of human-interest news stories that focus on the people who are feeding not only Ontario, but the world.

Each story will be posted on Ontario Pork’s YouTube channel (@OntarioPorkNews). A new video will be posted every two weeks, and the stories will also be shared across all Ontario Pork’s social media accounts to engage a wide range of viewers.

“We want to share these stories and celebrate these people,” said John de Bruyn, Chair, Ontario Pork. “Ontario Pork News will be that conduit for us to tell the positive stories happening across the industry.”

OP News will be travelling across the province telling news stories similar to the half-hour, farm-dedicated program format on local TV stations some viewers may remember from decades past. The channel won’t just focus on the pork industry but on different people across the supply chain.

“It’s not just pork-centered; we’re going to be talking to other people who represent different commodities,” said Tyler Calver, Senior Communications Specialist, Ontario Pork. “There are so many amazing stories out there, and we want to highlight the dedicated people who work so hard 365 days a year to put delicious, nutritious food on our plates.”

Whether it’s a focus on successful farming operations, ensuring healthy animals and safe food, fostering a sustainable environment, or building strong communities and people, Ontario Pork News is dedicated to sharing informative stories from the many people and their families who are feeding our communities.

“There are so many misconceptions about agriculture floating around and there really isn’t a countering voice,” said Steff Lebrocq, Meat Manager, Market Fresh. “With so many jobs in agriculture available, I believe Ontario Pork News will be a great way to showcase the variety of great professions in agriculture while highlighting all of the meaningful contributions of the agriculture industry.”

In the last few years, especially since the pandemic, there have been employment challenges for a lot of agricultural sectors.

“We’re hoping by shining a positive light on our industry, we might be able to attract more people to these awesome jobs,” said Calver. “Ontario’s pork sector employs close to 20,000 people in directly related jobs that support communities. For example, when a truck driver stops at the local café or gas station, or a veterinarian buys a new truck. Agriculture isn’t just feeding people; it’s driving our economy.”

The Bergsmas lost their son, Dalles, and created a charitable initiative in his memory. Their story was the first to be highlighted by Ontario Pork News.

The first Ontario Pork News story featured the Bergsmas, a hog farming family from Lambton County. Through the loss of their son, the Bergsmas have created a mental health charity. This story already has more than 200,000 views across all of Ontario Pork’s social media platforms.

“We are incredibly grateful to Ontario Pork for taking so much interest and providing support for our Three Oaks Cabin project,” said Diane Bergsma. “Being able to share our story, although difficult, does provide some relief. We hope this exposure will help cultivate recognition of the necessity to care for our mental wellbeing and promote awareness for our respite cabin and mental health resources.”

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