Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Reproductive vaccines offer protection to piglets

It may seem beyond our grasp, but making pigs more resistant to disease, while reducing the use of antibiotics, is well within reach.

Farm injury highlights importance of safety

Farm injuries can happen fast and have lasting consequences. A hog producer in Alberta learned that the hard way and wants to share his experience, to warn others.

Digital solutions help improve farm biosecurity

Biosecurity management is easier and more effective than other, thanks to products like Farm Health Protect, which automatically tracks farm visits and more.

Heat stress impacts show up year-round

With everything we know about heat stress, producers should consider comprehensive approaches to achieve the best possible production and financial outcomes.

Hutterite colony feeds hybrid rye with success

Changing environmental conditions have left farmers looking for a crop that can thrive in extreme climates. Hybrid rye meets the criteria and works in hog feed.

World Pork Expo sets the showmanship standard

World Pork Expo in Iowa sets a high but achievable bar for what industry events can and should include in Canada, to attract attention and renown.

Local retailers fight back on food prices

Overcoming complex pork value chain disputes is fundamental to helping consumers realize how pork can be a solution to food price inflation.

Summer 2023 – Editorial

The Summer 2023 edition of the Canadian Hog Journal is here!

Another Year – Another World Pork Expo

Pork CommentaryJim Long President – CEO Genesus Inc.June 5, 2023 This coming week is...

Producers wager most with meat merchandising

Meat merchandising helps promote pork to consumers, but the cost benefit for producers is not proportional, as big retailers have turned these efforts into profit centres.