Monday, December 6, 2021

Looking at the promises and potential impact of Premier Doug Ford’s...

Support from the new Ontario government for the pork industry and other ag sectors  By Treena Hein

View from Grier

Export Value for Canada Export values are a hot topic lately. That is in part due to the...
Hog Drinking Water

Managing water intake

Auditing Best Management Practices - Part 8 Submitted by Ken Engele, Prairie Swine Centre Geneviève Berthiaume,...
Pigs Sleeping

Leveraging quality assurance for better pay

Alberta pork producers’ resolution demands $7 per head, and Olymel says it won’t pay up By Sarah Hoffmann

Coûts d’alimentation élevés : à la recherche d’un répit

Rédaction: Geoff Geddes pour Swine Innovation Porc   |  Traduction : Élise Gauthier Les producteurs parlent des coûts d’alimentation comme la plupart...
Pigs Eating

Feeding hogs extruded and expeller-pressed B. juncea canola cake

Xun Zhou1, Miranda Smit2, Malachy G. Young3, Vicente Zamora3, Ruurd T. Zijlstra1, and Eduardo Beltranena1,2* 1University...

High-fibre diets and immune stimulation increase threonine requirements in growing pigs

Submitted by Dan Columbus, PhD, Research Scientist, Prairie Swine Centre, Inc., and Michael Wellington, MSc, PhD Student, Department of Animal and Poultry...
Try to Relate to Who is On Your Plate

Bringing home the… bagel?

PETA’s most recent campaign seeks to change our language to be kinder and gentler to animals.

Fed up with high feed costs? Chew on this

By Geoff Geddes, for Swine Innovation Porc Producers view feed costs as most Canadians view winter – something to...
Just a Dog Eating a Bacon Strip

Your Daily Bacon

Always follow your dreams. Could there be a more versatile meat? This is...